The Village Institutes Research and Education Development Foundation


About us


First meetings stated on 1955.  The Village Institutes Research and Education Development Foundation (Köy Enstitülerini Araştırma ve Eğitimi Geliştirme Derneği) was founded in 2003 under the abbreviation KAVEG. Our headquarters are located in Istanbul along with representatives around Anatolia. The date which our foundation was founded was chosen with the suggestion of one of our country’s respected authors, Mehmet Başaran, as June 23  which is the date that we lost Ismail Hakkı Tonguç. The majority of our 25 founding members consist of artists and people who are invested in the field of education.



Supporting masters, doctorates, and research projects. Arranging symposiums and seminars


Producing documentaries


Building a library by gathering information and documents.


Joining book fairs


Which take village institutes as their primary focus.



The conditions of buildings containing village institutes and the condition of the surrounding terrain have been assessed and projects put in place for improvement and repair works. Support has been provided for the graduation project of architecture students based on the philosophy of village institutes.

Köy Enstitüsü İlkeleri Temelinde “Çifteler’de Kültürel İşlevli Yapı/Yapılar” Son Sınıf Bitirme Ödevine Destek

Support for terminal year finishing project “Building(s) With Cultural Functions In Çifteler” based on the values of village institutes.

With the guidence of Doç. Dr. Murat SOYGENİŞ’ from Y.T.U. Architectural Faculty student final projects titled “Cultural Functioning Building/ Buildings at Çifteler”. Our president Prof. Dr. Guler Yalçın is a memeber of the jury.

Çifteler Village Institute (Yunus Emre Anatolian High School) The Project of reinstating functionality of the dormitory building.

With the guidence of Doç. Dr. Murat SOYGENİŞ and with the support of Yunus Emre Teachers’ High School Directotrate and Kaveg, The Project of reinstating functionality of Dormitory Building was held on and presented to the Ministery of Education’s relevant general directorate by our foundation.

The multidisciplinary Rural Area Project with partnership of Marmara University Village Institute Research Centre.

The Project of “The Revitalization of Seyitgazi Bardakçı Village from Eskişehir” with the support of  “Marmara University Village Institute Research Centre” (closed at…) and Governor of Eskişehir was executed. The project’s scoope is,

The water and soil of the village were analayzed for 54 elements. (a report was organized by Asst. Prof. Alper Baba by analyzing geological properties of the soil.)

Seminars were given to the villagers about agriculture and health.

A compherensive health check up was carried out for 200 people  first monitoring blood pressure, determining blood groups folowed by a13 step biochemical analysis) and the results were delivered to the responsible general practicitioner.

The original hand woven fabrics were unearthed and the products were presented at a scientific congress



Beşikdüzü Köy Enstitüsü Hikayesi Bitmedi, Kaveg Publishing, 2008, Güler Yalçın, F. Kamacıoğlu

Eğitim Mirasımız Köy Enstitüleri ve Uygulanabilirliği, Kaveg-Literatür Publishing, 2008, kollektif”, (The Book of Semposium)

Köy Enstitüleri Sistemine Toplu Bir Bakış, Niyazi Altunya, 2. Edition, Kaveg Publishing, 2009, İstanbul

Ferit Oğuzbayır’a 115. Yıl Armağanı Köy Enstitüleri, 2015, İstanbul

The Event was held on with the participation of Foundation of Village Institute and Contemporary Education’,  the family of Ferit Oğuz Bayır and Foça Municipality “the Literature which emerged from Village Institute is the for Oğuz Bayır” has been booked.


Köy Enstitülerinden Doğan Edebiyat Güler Yalçın, S. Albayrak, A. Küçükkayıkçı, Kaveg Publishing, 2015, İstanbul.

Canlandırılan Ütopya, Prof. Dr. Güler Yalçın, E-yayınları Publishing

Suçumuz Köy Enstitülü Olmak, Hamdi İlker, E-yayınları Publishing



“Kepirtepe’den Üstünler Geçti”
“Umuda İlk Adım”

(Project: Prof. Dr. Güler Yalçın)



Memorial Talks, literature talks, small concerts, excursions, trips and exhibitions

Memorial meetings, literature talks and small concerts were organized in colaborarion and solidarity with municipalities, associations, universities and foundations. Photography exhibitions and group painting exhibitions were opened; documentary films were screened.

A Compherensive Photography, Book and Ephemera exhibition was executed with the title of  “70 Years of Legendary Village Institute  to the Future, In the Second and Third Generations” in 2010 at the 29th TÜYAP Book Fair.

Certificates of Honor:

Certificates of Honor were given to the writers, poets and teachers who came from village instutes who worked for teacher solidarity,  to those who worked as school principles/ teachers.


Our Members Support for Students:   A week after the coal mine accident, we went to Soma, took address and communication details of 20 families for a limited period, supported families which have daughters/ students. Then we continued to support three students among them. We aim to increase this number.

Visiting:  Memnune Tonguç Female Student Dormitory in Soma founded by Engin Tonguç in memory of his wife.


KAVEG owes its productive and pioneering attitude in the field of education and art to its strict adherence to the principles of Village Institutes and to the valuable support of its friends.

We have a core team of five to provide specialized training in various aspects of Village Institutes. It is planned to carry out studies on expanding and adapting the work of this team to the present day with volunteers from various professions.